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Superior Ceramic TheraMitters™


Our proprietary, high-glass content, solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ are very different from the traditional ceramic heaters in the industry. A TheraMitter™ is a unique, patented heating unit that is made of solid ceramic, and is distinct from tubular ceramic heaters that consist of wire and metal thinly coated with ceramic. Tubular ceramic heaters are similar to the process of coating metal jewelry with silver to give the impression of solid sterling silver, but after time the underlying metal starts to show after the silver plating wears off. TheraSauna® is the only major manufacturer in the United States offering true solid ceramic TheraMitters™, with no metal rods. So when researching the various types of heaters, do not be confused by the general misrepresentation of ceramic heaters. TheraSauna® has the only high-glass content, solid ceramic TheraMitter™ in the industry.

Many comparisons to ceramic heaters do not ackowledge the actual different ceramic types and only focus on the tubular ceramic heaters. They never compare carbon fiber heaters to our ceramic TheraMitters™ and instead, compare to tubular and rod heaters. However, the tubular ceramic and rod heater saunas are dimishing in popularity in favor of carbon fiber heaters. Yet, our solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ still remain more efficient than carbon fiber and safer to use in a sauna. TheraMitters™ are 96% efficient and have a life-time warranty. Carbon fiber heaters, by contrast, are only 55% efficient and made of plastic sheets with microscopic fibers held together with resins and epoxy glues. Carbon fiber heaters also diminish in efficiency over time, while our TheraMitters™ remain at ceramic’s emissivity level of .96 on a black body scale scale of 0-1. Since our emisivity levels are so efficient, it's no wonder our competitors never reference TheraSauna's® solid-ceramic TheraMitters™ .


The newest type of heater to emerge is a "carbon and ceramic" combination. In actuality, these are carbon fiber heaters with a small amount of ceramic powder blown into the plastic and carbon fiber compound before the adhesive epoxy glues are applied. This does not truly change the performance of the heater; it is still a carbon fiber heater that operates at a surface temperature of approximately 200°-230°F, and still grossly inefficient when compared to our proprietary ceramic TheraMitters™. These heaters are still unable to consistently reach the important 9.4 micron level of far-infrared energy and are very slow to heat the sauna to the desired temperature. Carbon fiber technology is also usually limited to reaching about 130°F cabinet temperature.

Ceramic has been proven to be the best material for producing larger amounts of far-infrared. It has the highest emissivity rate, and produces longer wavelengths. TheraSauna® delivers between 6 -14 micron of far-infrared light, and the surface temperature of the TheraMitters™ can be set to variable temperatures between approximately 126°F and 450°F while still always producing beneficial infrared. Carbon heaters, in contrast, can only operate at a lower surface temperature of about 230°F, and do not have the ability to vary the temperature. These saunas actually power down and stop producing infrared when the set temperature is reached, meaning that about 40% of the sauna session is not producing infrared for the user. TheraSauna® consistently acheives infrared output with the help of its patented Stable Heat System™ which allows the sauna to continuously produce infrared during the entire sauna session.