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Sarah Pratt from Centered Therapies sent us a lovely hand-written card stating the following: "Thank you for your time and help with my infrared sauna, I was giving up hope and you completely changed my experience. Thank you for going above and beyond. I can't express my gratitude enough." To find out more about Centered Therapies and her work with TheraSauna click here: https://centeredtherapies.com/services/infrared-sauna/

Sarah Pratt, Centered Therapies

My review is more about the construction, care, crating  and  shipping  than the actual performance of the Sauna itself. That was to follow. You might think that this kind of review is not a selling point ,it is. Anyone who uses their hands as means of their livelihood, I'm referring to people like your employees that built my Sauna and people who actually construct . A crafts-person or artisan is an example of what I mean.What I want to point out about the product you make is all the little things that you do not mention in your brochures ,things that the end user fail to see but reap the benefits. Thank you for the opportunity to be heard.

John Manoulian Jr., a totally satisfied TheraSauna user

Thank you Matt.  I appreciate the outstanding customer service. I’ll be recommending QCA, as I have the last 10 years. Pretty sure this is my 3rd one.


We got the sauna put together and have already started using it.  Everything looks good we really appreciate the way you do business and the quality of your Saunas. Your customer service is awesome!

Thank you 

This week, I purchased a 2-person TheraSauna. I found that the directions to assemble the sauna to be quite clear. I put the modular pieces together by myself, but I recommend that it's best to have a helper. The pieces went together very well, with a nice tight fit. The sauna was beautifully lit. The LED lights around the roof line, are very attractive. The Android controls for the sauna temperature and duration of operation are quite easy and intuitive. I enjoyed my first sauna session Thursday evening. It was very pleasant. On Saturday, my first client experienced a session. He enjoyed it immensely. He drank water before and after his session, because he knew that he would sweat a lot. He wants to add a session in the TheraSauna to his regular 2-hour massage sessions. Perfect! Great product (TS5753) to experience and to see in my office.

Ray Lamse, Grand Rapids, MI.

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate you and the great tech support. I have had to call a couple of times to get info and have never been disappointed. Rob Glendenin has helped me a couple times, always friendly and helpful. I'm pretty technical minded and can do many things myself, many companies disregard this, and put me off with some reason or other; not Rob, he is keen to listen and get all the info needed to help me diagnose an issue and freely shares his info so I can get the best result with my spa. I have recommended QCA to so many people. Please let Rob know how he is appreciated and that how he communicates says a lot about how you yourself operate your company. Thanks for creating an environment where your employees feel empowered to step up and help us customers. I wish you many successes sir.

Larry Jackson

Lockhart, Texas

As I mentioned to Matt,  I am generally calm and low-key by nature, but this purchase has me genuinely excited. Thanks to your company in walking me through the process, answering my questions, and helping me be comfortable that this is a good purchasing decision.



Thank you for the technical support and attention to this matter. We were under the impression that this unit was a quality product. We believed this not having heard of your company, but for no other reason than the vendor we purchased it from is a long standing business in oue community where we do much business. Now heaving dealt with you, Bob, and your company directly over the past couple of weeks and months, to remedy this problem, I know it firsthand to be true. Recently I recommended to my parents, who are in the market for a hot tub to seriously consider your company, both because we love the unit we purchsed and moreover the warranty, and customer service have been outstanding! thanks again! 


Misti, I called the QCA (800) number. Got to a tech by the name of Bob. He said he knows who you are. Bob knew what a filter housing was. He didn't assume it was a filter element or cartridge. He didn't ask twice what pool or what it was I needed. I placed my order through Bob. Deals done. Thanks for your speedy knee-jerk reactions.

John Skuz

Received our Dream Series spa 2 weeks ago and have used it almost every day. What a great spa. It is even better than advertised. And customer support great.