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Therasauna Reviews

Sarah Pratt from Centered Therapies sent us a lovely hand-written card stating the following: "Thank you for your time and help with my infrared sauna, I was giving up hope and you completely changed my experience. Thank you for going above and beyond. I can't express my gratitude enough." To find out more about Centered Therapies and her work with TheraSauna click here: https://centeredtherapies.com/services/infrared-sauna/


I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I purchased my first Thera Sauna 10 years ago.  I have used it for muscle soreness, colds and flu, arthritis, low back pain and just relaxation.  I decided to check out the new saunas to see what's new and even talked to Keith who explained some of the new technology.   Hesitantly, I put my sauna up for sale with my son's help.  Within an hour, I had 12 hits on it and got an offer over my asking price.  These buyers did their research and knew that Thera Sauna was a high quality product.  I almost had seller's remorse because there was absolutely nothing wrong with my sauna and I knew it was going to provide years worth of therapy.  I have ordered my new sauna and cannot wait for it to arrive.  After several days of not using my sauna, my body is feeling it.  The little aches and pains are back and I am not sleeping as well.  

I just want to thank Keith for his time and patience explaining some of the new components of the sauna.  He is truly passionate and knowledgable of the health benefits of the infrared sauna.  Stephenie was awesome with any questions I had remaining.  I cannot say enough about this team.

The Thera Sauna is a major part of my healthy living!

Ann- Cedar Falls, IA


I just wanted to tell you how much I love my sauna.  I use it often during the winter and the few times I get sick.  Before I got mine I envisioned myself sitting in one soaking up the far-infrared rays.  I know it is beneficial and helps me maintain my weight and helps clean my body of toxins.  Thank you for building them and allowing people like me to own one.  I love it.

Richard Eubank


"Dear TheraSauna®,

I began with a less expensive, inferior brand, 2 person sauna with toxic cedar, and then I experienced the difference of the TheraSauna® continuous action of the microns in the perfect range. My 4 person TheraSauna® is my insurance policy. I use it 40 minutes a day, while I meditate and do my Pilates. (Sometimes, I just take my nap in it as it is the perfect length for a 5’8” body!)

Having lived in Hawaii for 35 years and eaten mercury-tainted tuna a few times a week, I feel it is essential for ridding my body of heavy metal toxins.

Besides that, the TheraSauna® helped me painlessly slender down to my ideal weight. I now weigh 128 – exactly what I weighed when I was in college – except that now I have no “dimples” or cellulite on my legs. I feel and look amazingly good for a 61 year old woman. Instead of aging, I feel like the TheraSauna® is “youthing” me!

I love turning on my B&B guests/friends to the TheraSauna® – especially the ones who previously suffered constant pain with fibromyalgia. They thank me for providing them relief."

Barbara Moore
Dragonfly Ranch: Healing Arts Retreat
Honaunau – Kona, Hawaii



"Dear TheraSuana®,

I purchased one of your saunas at the end of May and LOVE the health benefits which is why I bought it. I just got my liver enzymes tested again and they had been dangerously high and now they are within normal range and the only thing I had done differently is use your sauna. It has helped my osteoarthritis and it has helped me lose about 30 lbs. I have 3 people very interested in buying one now. Thanks so much!

Laura Bourlon"



"To the Management of TheraSauna®,

We are using our sauna on a regular basis and there is no question that it helps us feel better. As a side benefit to the toxins, I lost 6 lbs in the first 3 weeks and 2 body fat percentage points. I work out on a regular basis and had been “stuck” at 20 percent body fat. The sauna helped me to 18 percent in 3 weeks. I have maintained 18 percent and am now down another 3 pounds in weight."

Thanks again,
Ron Clark



"Dear Therasauna®,

I don't know if you remember me, as it was back in January of this year that we both spoke on the phone and via e-mail about the Therasauna, and once I got it how to work the control panel. I bought my sauna from Paragon Pool in Mahtomedi, Minnesota however I have heard they are no longer dealers. I recently shared my high praises for my Therasauna with a new aquaintance (who works at a health food store) and she just bought a 4 person Therasauna!!!

I have a question. I have read on several sites the health benefits of the far infared saunas however is my sauna beneficial in the treatment of the common bad cold ie chect congestion sinus infection etc? I avoid antibiotics like the plague so I was wondering if the infared rays actually kill off the infection?"

Thank you for your fine products. 
Julie McNeely 



Therasauna Hurrican Photo

"I put my two-person TheraSauna outdoors in my backyard in Miami, Florida (I know this completely voids the warranty!) But I thought you'd be interested to know that the sauna withstood not one but TWO hurricanes last year and is still going strong. I have it protected beneath a plastic enclosure on 3 sides, but the front of the unit is exposed and suffered only minor water damage. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with your product.

I am a massage therapist and a trainer in the health spa industry, going around the country letting other therapists know how to build and market a spa business. Your sauna is a part of my business in my own backyard spa (as well as a big part of my personal health routine), and I regularly recommend the units to other interested therapists. Great product. Well done. Thank you. "

Steve Capellini
Miami, FL



"Dear Therasauna®,

Aloha Nikki...and yes I do love my sauna!!! I can feel the infrared rays nurturing my body!!! I sweat so easy in there...and the best part is I am sleeping so deeply it is amazing!!!

That alone is worth a million dollars!! I think I could sell these things...I believe them so much!!! Is it difficult to become a distributor? Only a thought. Hope you are doing well...kiss the island for me!"




"Dear Therasauna®,

I am so thrilled to have my sauna, I've been using the one at our clinic before receiving ours at home and it helps so much with my Fibromyalgia. Thanks for being around!"

Rhianna Dotolo
Clearwater Florida



"Dear Therasauna®,

Here is our testimonial for the sauna that we purchased from you at the Iowa State Fair, 2004.
My husband fights colds all winter long and last year he did not have a cold. Not only that but he has lost 30 lbs. And feels great. It has also helped me relax and not have the tight tension in my shoulders and neck. I have not had the migraines that I normally have.

Therasauna is the best thing that we have bought for ourselves! "

Chuck and Cricket Waske



"Dear Therasauna®,

As a sales person at Aqua Quip, I have had the unique experience to enjoy the Therasauna, and beyond my doubts of a dry heated sauna, I was throughly pleased. All it took was a couple of minutes of sitting in the sauna and my muscles had begun to fell relieved. Being a person that avidly exercises, I can understand the therapeutic uses of an infrared sauna. Again, thank you."

Chris Cunningham
Aqua Equip 
Seattle, Washington


Doctor Recommended

Since TheraSauna® has been around, doctors and specialists have praised our saunas for their innovative healing benefits. Acheive real detoxifiation and reap the benefits of infrared heat in a sauna that is like no other. Take a look and see what the medical experts are saying about TheraSauna®:

Dr. Leonard Smith

Dr. Leonard Smith, M.D.

"I have practiced general surgery and cancer surgery for over 25 years. With regard to my surgical patients, I tell them when they have recovered from their surgery that their work has just begun. I remind them that their two most important questions should be: Why did I get this? And what will keep it from returning? I don’t profess to have all the answers. However, there are sound principles of foundational health that I have employed with my patients and have been pleased with the results. These include stress reduction, diet, exercise, rest, supplements, elimination, and detoxification.

Detoxification is critical due to the increasing amounts of toxins in our diet and environment. This includes fat soluble toxins such as PCBs, phthlates, bisphenol A and hexane, and toxic minerals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. Part of my suggested program for toxin removal is the use of infrared sauna therapy.

I have personally seen people get better from a multitude of problems including, insomnia, constipation, fibromyalgia, allergies, chronic infections, arthritis, and fatigue after a few weeks of sauna therapy. In addition, I have seen mercury levels (as measured in the blood) drop significantly with daily sauna use for several weeks. In conclusion, I believe that infrared sauna is safe and effective detoxification therapy which is of value to most everyone regardless of age."



Dr. Colbart

Dr. Don Colbert, M.D. 

"My medical practice specializes in alternative and nutritional medicine. Many different therapies are used; however, our primary focus is detoxification, nutritional counseling and support.

Today’s modern world has caused new environmental issues thus, increasing the number of pollutants and toxins that are inhaled, ingested or absorbed into our cells and tissues. Cells often become overwhelmed with toxins therefore increasing the patient’s risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other immune disorders. The body’s cells must receive proper nutrients and expel these harmful toxins to fight disease and function optimally.

In my private practice each assessment starts with evaluation, counseling and nutritional support, followed by my “Toxic Relief” program which includes toxin screenings, cleansing diet, fasting, chelation of heavy metals and TheraSauna® treatments.

The infrared therapy of TheraSauna® stimulates the cellular metabolism and breaks up the water molecules that hold toxins within the body, thus allowing the body to void these toxins through perspiration. These treatments combined with a customized diet and nutritional program have vastly improved, restored and rejuvenated many of my patients at the cellular level. Therefore, allowing them to feel better and lead a healthier lifestyle."




TheraSauna® For Commercial Use

TheraSaunas® are popular choices for health clubs, gyms, and clinics. If you are a professional in the health industry and are interested in a TheraSauna® for your business, please call us at 888-729-7727! Here is a list of health professionals and clients that have done business with TheraSaunas®:


Body Logic AL Strawberry Wellness CO Guy & Gals Quarters IN Valley Herbs NV
Health-Wise AL Dr. Hugo Howell Costa Rica Blue Seas Tan IN Ageless Zone NV
Gibson Chiropractic AR Dr. Keith Zeitline CT Advantage Chiropractic IN Crayhon Research NV
Dr. Lukasek AR Dr. Kaushik CT Dr. Jerry Zajac IN Dr. Brodie NV
Human Ecology Balancing Science AZ Glastonbury Naturopathic CT Therapeutic Massage IN Reverse Aging Wellness Center NV
Dr. Dejonge AZ Sunnywell Saunas CT Nature's Best IN Sports West NV
Phion Nutrition AZ A Caring Touch CT Natural Solutions IN Body System Supply NY
Western Research Labs AZ Dr. Tom Hynoski FL Tan West Sales IN Kamal Rehab Center NY
Diater Medical AZ Healing Earth FL Airport Clinic IN Center for Life Force Studies NY
Dr. Bethel Bahama Chiropractic Plus FL We Care Chiropractic IN Macro Vegetarian NY
Therapeutic Touch CA Dorman Enterprises FL Dr. Wayne Hogenson IN Better Health OH
Holistic Body Works CA Life Management FL Halstead Hospital KS Peace at Hand OH
Evolutions Est CA Renew Life Formulas FL New Age Health KS Fountain Skin Care OH
Dr. Schumacher CA Dr. Walter Fung-On FL Chi Rho Health KY Radiant Living OH
Body Health CA Little Hands Massage FL Dr. Terry Harmon KY Dr. Mark Pitstick OH
Dr. Judy Smith CA Skin Deep Clinic FL Wellness Center KY In Carol's Care OH
Dr. Junella Chin CA Euopean Body Salon FL Dr. Karen Dantin LA The Inner U OH
Osteopathic Physicians of OC CA Wellness Center FL Dantin Medical LA Personal Touch OH
Center of Wellness CA Dr. Corcoran FL Café of Life MA Back to Eden OK
Dr. Robert Seamon CA Dr. Gary Snyder FL Dr. Susan Miller MA Brooks Spinal Care OK
Life Enhancement Center CA Dr. Campbell FL Healthy Lifestyles MA Oral Roberts University OK
Pro Health Solutions CA Chiropractic Healing Arts Center FL New England Hyperbaric MA Timberline Athletic Club OR
Pure Water Spas CA Dr. Stephen Nedd FL Newstart Better Living Center MA Radiant Therapy OR
Dr. Richard Amy CA Dr. Leonard Smith FL Body Balancing Center MA Reverse Aging OR
Salus Per Aquam CA Dr. Martinez FL It's What You Eat MD Wavelengths Styling Salon PA
Grace Enterprises CA Hudson Chiropractic FL Comprehensive Physical Therapy MD Quantum Wellness PA
Dr. David Serio CA Dr. Erce Phillips FL Dr. Rosenberg MD Massage Therapy PA
Nutritional Medicine CA Cooper Chiropractic FL Beyond a Century ME

Reverse Aging Wellness Center

Dr. Ali Moschii CA Lane Spa FL Maine Infrared Sauna ME Dr. Scott Rieder PA
Deutrel Labs CA Dr. Don Colbert FL Dr. Robert DeJonge MI Lane Chiropractic Wellness Ctr PA
Debby Bird, CTMP CA Dr. Yvette Rosa FL Sensi Health MI Murrays Beauty Salon SD
Organic by Nature CA Triana Institute FL Tomiko's Massage MI Dayton Chiropractic Clinic TN
Dr. Mena CA Dr. David Newman FL Fountain of Youth MI Aladdin Light Life TN
Dr. Reiss CA Dr. Katherine Kaufman FL Radiant Health MI Tanning Source TN
Dr. Roger Lockwood CA Dr. Pedro Torres FL Longevity Center MI The Little Herb Shoppe TN
Loyalton Health Club CA Natural Health Systems FL Naturopathic Institute MI Castle Hill Fitness TX
Life Arts CA Martinez Chiropractic FL Body Specific MI Creative Minds TX
Dr. Saporito CA Gustafson Health & Wellness FL Center Natural Healing MI Crandall Salon TX
Medic I CA Dr. Badanek FL Dr. Ghuneim MI Shelton's Health TX
Prominade Clinic CA Living Well Center FL Advanced Chiropractic MI All Nations Tan TX
Earthwise Solutions CA Renew Life FL McLains Health MI Detox Centers TX
Diabetes Alternative CA Regatta Pointe Marina FL Gya Dynamic Echo System MN Dr. Ekukpe TX
D Sigalos Design CA Dotolo Research FL Therapeutic Health MN Macarthur Center TX
Dr. Suzanne Bennett CA Dr. Bryan Kalodish FL Organical Gardens MN Rejuvenations TX
Life Force Systems CA Dr. Scott Shapiro FL Dr. Kate Bellmont MN Dr. Oscar Lightner TX
Dr. Jay McCarrell CA Faces & Beyond FL Oleson's Mercantile MN Dr. Gomez TX
Therapeutic Saunas CA Villa Delta FL Natural Healing Center MO Dr. Bob Marshall TX
Health Integration Therapy CA Advanced Medical FL Dr. Adam Jameson MO Sauna Solutions TX
Dr. Sherry Greenerg CA Dr. Dan Watts FL Oasis Health MO Lifetrek UT
Spiralflo CA Dr. John Leiurance FL Massage 4 Life MO Bionativus UT
Five Continent Enterprise CA Dr. Vincent Stenger FL Geosling Chiropractic MO Southern Serenity Day Spa VA
Pure Vibrance CA Vitalife Professionals FL Dr. Leaman Geosling MO Women's Health Care VA
Jaffe Institute CA Dr. Jeff Stepanek FL Natural Healing Centers MO Alternative Health Management VA
A Health Skin Side CA Progressive Health FL Dr. Rosanne Fischer MO Dr. Rawnsley VA
Dr. Joseph Busey CA Dr. Kim Crawford FL Dr. Brenda Nairn MO Health Horizon VA
Dr. Judith Koehler CA Dr. George Forester FL The Healing Arts Center MO Sauna Source VA
Natural Health Center CA Hippocrates Health Institute FL A Place to Be NC Skagit Valley Healing Arts WA
Advanced Health CA Dr. David Dyer FL Advanced Concepts NC Treasure Sauna WA
Dr. Mary Lou Drummy CA Lykins Pharmacy FL Dr. E. B. Morgan NC Treasure Hunt WA
Wellness Watchers CA Dr. Gez Agolli GA Madison Medical NC Natural Choice WA
Pacific Chiropractic CA Taylor Medical Group GA Dr. Derek Denman NC Dr. Heather Roberts WA
Triune of Life Chiropractic CA Dr. James Hawver GA Natures Herbal Creations NC Pacific Body WA
Healthy Living CA Great Wellness Center GA Dr. Marionne Johnson NC Baker Fitness WI
Body Health CA Progressive Medical Group GA Circle of Light NC Monarch Gardens WI
Dr. Ron Kennedy CA Bearfoot Professional Center GA Dr. Gottenborg ND Earth Sense Energy WI
Fitcamp CA Byrd Medical GA Sun Chaser NE Baker Fitness WI
Dr. Gregory Bates CA Longevity Health Center GA Summit Health NH Dr. Dragt WI
Dr. Donald Hayes CA Dr. Linda Lippitt GA Gym USA NH Harmony Therapeutic WI
Salus Per Aquam CA Dr. Daniel Gerhardt GA Dr. Jamie D'Adamo NH Island Tan WI
Santa Monica Accupuncture CA Dr. Eldred Taylor GA Chatham Chiropractic NJ Volk Chiropractic WI
Holistic Health CA Elements Fitness GA Holistic Naturopathic Center NJ Tanning Supply WI
Dr. David Christie CA Therapeutic Body GA Dr. Glenn Gero NJ Paradise Tan WI
Pure Planet CA Great Health True Wealth HI Nature's Best Distributors NJ Almost Eden WI
Hawthorne Institute CA Oasis Health IA Body and Soul NJ Sports Galore WI
Dr. Lee Beymer CO Body Language IA Fitness to Go NJ Positive Body WI
Dr. Chris Kaufmann CO Custom Therapeutic Massage IA Medcon Health NJ H20 Health WI
Dr. Scott Storrie CO Thoresen Microscopy IA Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad NJ Headlee Chiropractic WI
Dr. Bein CO Corner Nook IA Comprehensive Vein Treatment NJ McCanns Run Chiropractic WV
Wellness Shop CO Allmandinger Chiropractic IA The New You NJ Body Logic WV
Dominion Mandate CO Dr. Mary Pat Allmandinger IA Manzano Medical NM Alive & Well International WY
Pro Active Health CO Spa Shop IL Dr. John Henry Sloan NM Dr. Sandi Skoog WY
Dr. Brandon Lundell CO Chandler's Health Emporium IL New Hope Medical NV Dr. Conard WY
Harmony Healing Center CO Health King Enterprise IL Dr. Ed Fujimozo NV Herbert Sauna WY
Dr. Bresciani CO Nature Kist IL Tone Zone NV    
Inner Balance CO Celletti's Sportland IL Torrance Beauty Supply NV