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Patented MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control

MPS TheraPad Main Picture S

Adobe Acrobat NeededMPS Touchview™ 3.0 Manual

The NEW MPS Touchview 3.0

The Patented MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control is the latest in sauna technology! The innovative Android touchscreen control that allows you to customize your sauna sessions. Use the touchscreen to adjust the temperature, time, MPS levels, and more. You can manage your settings, preheat your sauna, and even save presets so your sauna session is always exactly how you’d like it. At Therasauna®, we believe that what your sauna is made of and how it works are equally important, so get the most out of your sauna with a customizable and easy-to-use control system. Don’t settle for a sauna with limiting features when you can enjoy the convenience of a Therasauna®. 

TheraPad Home Screen

Home Screen

Complete Control At Your Fingertips

The Therasauna® Micron Power Select Touchview™ 3.0 Home Screen allows you to run your sauna, manage your settings, get help or select one of two auto run settings to use. You can also adjust the brightness of the sauna light, or the volume of the control sounds with a few simple taps or if you prefer you can use the stylus which is included.







Settings Screen TheraPad Set up Screen

Customize Your Sauna Session  

The Therasauna® Touchview™ 3.0 setup screen lets you adjust various settings such as setting the Temp Mode, Date and Time, Sound Therapy, Preheat, Auto Run setting and screen dimming options. Personalize your settings so that you can easily achieve your wellness goals.









Audio  TheraPad Audio Setup Screen

Enjoy Relaxing, Built-In Sound Therapy

The Audio screen offers 5 unique & relaxing music tracks that can be played during your sauna session. Choose from Rolling Waves, Oceanside, Jungle Symphony, Bubbling Brook, Peaceful Forest, or a mix of these tracks for the perfect relaxing sound therapy for your sauna session.








TheraPad MPS Setup Screen MPS Setup

Your Sauna, Just The Way You Want It

This feature gives 15 different power level options and allows user to adjust each individual TheraMitter Bank™ down from 100% by simply pressing the arrow buttons. If your head is too warm, and your feet cool, you can make the changes to provide more comfort. The front TheraMitter™ banks can be cooler and the rear TheraMitter™ banks warmer, or vice versa. You may add time to the sauna session, and increase or decrease the set temperature, by pressing the corresponding arrow key. Numbered circles show the zones that are heated by each TheraMitter™ bank.






Preheat   TheraPad Preheat Screen

Never Worry About A Cold Sauna Again

This option will (in MPS and SpectraWave Mode) heat your sauna to your set temperature with TheraMitterTM at 100%. When set temp is reached, the TheraMitterTM setting will automatically be activated to proper percentages. You can go to regular settings for MPS or SpectraWave before set temperature is reached by pressing the use now button (which will appear when updating session icon changes to active).







TheraPad Preheat ScreenAuto Run 

Patented Dual User Control Settings

The Auto Run Setup screens allow you to set a specific start time for your TheraSauna®. This incredible features puts all of the power in your hands and allows you to create any kind of sauna session you desire. You can customize the length of the session, temperature, and choose the desired mode. This feature is ideal for two users, or a user that wants to have many different presets. Personalize your sauna to your personal comfort level with a feature you cannot find anywhere else.







Spectrawave  TheraPad Spectrawave Screen

5 Preselected Power Levels

This screen is a graphic illustration on how your different zones are working. It shows current and set temperatures and elapsed time left. Here you can set temperature and add time to your session. In SpectraWave Mode press to add time to your sauna session, and increase or decrease the set temperature. Levels are individually changed every two minutes automatically. This allows the user to experience a combination of near, mid, and far-infrared wave lengths.